2012 Panhellenic Congress

The 3rd Panhellenic Congress for Medical Laboratory Technologists
8-10 March, 2012, Athens, Greece

Over 550 attendees joined the Conference held March 8-10 in the main auditoriums of the central building of the University of Athens and in the auditoriums of the Medical School of Athens under the auspices of the Medical School of Athens, Medical Association of Athens, Greek Hematology Association, Greek Toxicology Association, and Greek Association of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry.

The event aimed to promote all modern scientific and technological developments in biomedical science, including oral, poster presentations and lectures in the following scientific fields: hematology, immunology, microbiology (virology, mycology, and infectious diseases), biochemistry-clinical chemistry, cytology, molecular biology-genetics, pathological anatomy, certification-accreditation of laboratories, biosafety and bioinformatics.

Two special scientific workshops were conducted in pathological anatomy/ histology/immunohistochemistry and in microbial culture with simultaneous observation of microbes under the microscope and evaluations of certain microbial cultures. The scientific program included information about prospects and career opportunities worldwide for biomedical scientists and a special presentation featured post-graduate programs of Greece that involve biomedical laboratory science.

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